What We Do


G.I.S.E offers its customers a customizable service depending on your needs, thanks to the know how of our staff and the technology used.
Our know how is the result of collaborations with prestigious brands and allows us to manage the entire process for realizing the product, from the style up to logistics, passing through all the intermediate stages:

· design consultancy
· search and selection of materials
· search and selection of special embellishments
· pattern making consultancy
· prototyping and fitting garments
· definition of data sheet
· management of raw material needs and stock
· pattern grading
· realization of collection of samples
· cutting (automated and manual)
· production management
· quality control
· packaging
· picking

Made in Italy is not only a label, but a working method for a continue search for improving the product and service. For this reason, all the stages listed above, take place within our structure, to ensure the highest quality, flexibility and speed.


GISE Tailor Made

For those who want to create a unique and inimitable collection, well finished in all its details, GISE provides all its staff (research department, pattern makers, prototyps makers) to achieve 100% what the customer has in his mind and in its dreams. We provide a Tailor Made service
in the true sense of the word, without limitations, without compromise, without restrictions. Patterns, details, fabrics, prints, accessories,embellishments, special processing, all designed to create a product unique and exclusive.


We believe that to do a good job is crucial to be focused and well prepared, you will find above a list of services, usually requested by our customers, we do not do:

we DON’T work with companies that ask only patter making or prototyping consultancy;

we DON’T produce cheap products; the quality of our product and services are very high and rarely coincides with lowest price.

we DON’T work without planning; obviously we are manage the urgencies, but we know that planning is the best strategy to do a good job.
Our customer must to be organized because the emergency are the exception and not the rule.